Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Summit Light 2023

The majority of organizations and corporations today have their digital transformation as one of their top strategic priorities. This is seen as a significant threat in addition to being a key driver of new growth prospects. Business leaders have been aware for a long time that new business models enabled by growing technologies have fundamentally altered industries and altered the rankings of organizations.

All organizations and enterprises are being forced to digitize in order to compete in the modern economy’s push for digital platforms and businesses. As firms develop strategies to meet the challenge of the impending global economic crisis, this will become even more critical.

In response to our latest success of the Hanoi summit on the same theme, Viettel IDC has chosen Ho Chi Minh City as the next destination for the Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Summit Light 2023: Accelerating the Digital Journey, with the aim of further promoting digital life, enterprise and organizational digital transformation processes, as well as the introduction of new technology into untapped markets.

More than 500 representatives of key Vietnamese businesses and organizations are anticipated at the event, together with top specialists and presenters from important global technology companies. Businesses and organizations attending the Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure summit in 2023 will learn about new business opportunities, solve their own problems, and introduce the most cutting-edge technologies to the medical sector. Vietnamese healthcare as well as aiding businesses in accelerating fruitful digital journeys.

Participate in Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Summit Light 2023 for the opportunity to promote products, increase brand awareness and connect with potential partners



Ms. Phuong Trinh

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