Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Summit 2024

With about 3,000 guests and 50 international and domestic partners participating in the event of 2023, the Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Summit (DCCI Summit) 2023 in Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh City organized by Viettel IDC is the industry’s largest and most influential event in Vietnam.

One of the top trends which will change the “digital game” and beyond in 2024 is Sustainable Technology. Data Center and Cloud Computing technologies are now not only the foundation and driving force for the development of the digital economy and society, but also gradually play an important role in promoting this development in a sustainable way.

After the successes of DCCI Summit 2022 and 2023 in shaping the digital future and accelerating the digital journey in Vietnam, 2024 is the third year that Viettel IDC has organized the Summit with the goal of developing a sustainable digital future through the application of technological advances.

DCCI Summit 2024 is not only a forum where to share trends, solutions and best practices from global providers, but also an opportunity for businesses and organizations to meet potential customers and partners, as well as widely promote their brands to more clients.

Participate in Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure Summit 2024 for the opportunity to promote products, increase brand awareness and connect with potential partners



Ms. Phuong Trinh

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